Here’s a cross-posting of a blog post I wrote for the wonderful blog at the New York Festival of Song. The topic is one of my favorite songs, Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers, “Let’s Go Back to G-d,” recorded when Cooke was only 18 years old. Click the link for the original post, or […]

Buzz! Excitement! Press!

There’s no greater thrill as an artist than learning that your work has truly meant something to someone. I had the joy of this experience recently: an old friend, not seen in years, commented on a project I worked on at Wexford Festival Opera, a production of “The Ghosts of Versailles” which won an award […]

The Avant-Garde Alcina

Greetings all! I find myself back in New York City, working on what is without a doubt my weirdest, most avante-garde, most thought-provoking project yet. Along with the young director RB Schlather and the remarkable team he’s put together, I’m taking part in an installation of Handel’s Alcina at the Whitebox Art Center, on Broome St. in Soho.The idea […]